An analysis of the allegations of cias involvement in the 1980s cocaine ring in california

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Afghan Heroin & the CIA

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Oct 06,  · That only began to change in when CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz conducted the spy agency’s first comprehensive internal inquiry into the allegations and found substantial evidence to support suspicions of Contra-cocaine smuggling and the CIA’s complicity in the scandal.

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Pittsburgh played host to one of the largest cocaine rings in Western Pennsylvania history, according to U.S. Attorney Scott Brady, who served 39 indictments related to.

(en) Probe Finds No CIA Link to L.A.

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Crack Cocaine Sales From Tom Burghardt Date Fri, 30 Jan (PST). The San Jose Mercury News revived the CIA-cocaine issue last summer with a series of articles charging that the California ring, operating with CIA protection, deliberately introduced crack to black neighborhoods in Los Angeles and sent millions of dollars to the Contras.

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An analysis of the allegations of cias involvement in the 1980s cocaine ring in california
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