An analysis of the topic of the ducks during the winter

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In Chapter 2, what is Holden wondering about in terms of the ducks?

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Thesis Statement Basics I. What is the purpose of a thesis statement? Command: Observe what happened to me during my first white water rafting Witnessing the death of my brother in an Alaskan avalanche last winter horrified me at the time but in retrospect taught me to appreciate the small things.

He chooses a topic that he returns to several times in The Catcher in the Rye: He wonders how the ducks who swim in the lagoon in Central Park South survive during the winter months.

Does someone. Like many birds, ducks go south for the winter.

The Catcher in the Rye Questions and Answers

When the weather begins to turn cold, ducks migrate south where food sources are more abundant. It is common for ducks to migrate to southern coastal areas where the winter climates are mild. Although the majority of duck species can withstand freezing. Sea ducks include long-tailed ducks, scoters (black, surf, and white-winged) and eiders, and in New Jersey are primarily found in the ocean and back bays during fall and winter.

Most sea ducks breed in the boreal forest or tundra regions of Canada and Alaska. The ISO performed detailed analysis for every day of the year from to to understand chart in Figure 2 illustrates the steepening ramps expected during the spring.

The duck chart shows the The duck curve in Figure 2 shows that oversupply is expected to occur during.

An analysis of the topic of the ducks during the winter
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