At the earths core

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Inner core

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Inner core

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What Is Earth’s Core Made of?

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At The Earth's Core

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Oct 10,  · miles below the Earth's surface, there is a vast ocean of molten iron. The spinning outer core of the Earth generates a protective magnetic shield around the planet, defending life from. rows · Earth’s core is the very hot, very dense center of our ball-shaped core lies.

The Earth's core is the part of Earth in the middle of our planet. It has a solid inner core and a liquid outer core. Outer core. The outer core of the Earth is a liquid layer about 2, kilometers thick. It is made of iron and is above the Earth's solid inner core and below the outer boundary is 2, km (1, mi) beneath the Earth's surface.

Earth's core is the deepest, hottest layer, and it's made up of two layers itself: the outer core which borders the mantle and the inner core, which is a ball-shaped layer made almost entirely of metal. Iron is a relatively dense element under normal conditions, and under the extreme pressure at the Earth's core it would be crushed to an even higher density, so an iron core would account for all.

How we know what lies at Earth's core At the earths core
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