Defining attributes of the concept of pain in nursing

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Concept analysis presupposes that a concept was first introduced in the nursing literature and was then tested in field research. This process implies that a concept is decomposed and then rebuilt to contribute to nursing knowledge.

CONCEPT ANALYSIS. Description of the Assignment This assignment presents a modified method for conducting a concept analysis of ONE concept found in a nursing theory. The following list of attributes of a successful pain management system were developed by the planning committee and core faculty for the VHA/Institute for Healthcare Improvement Pain Management Collaborative Project chaired by Charles Cleeland, Ph.D.

Operationalization of these attributes and translation or selection of specific measures or. TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION: Definition: Function effectively within nursing and inter-professional teams, fostering open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision-making to achieve quality patient care.

Knowledge Skills Attitudes; Describe own strengths, limitations, and values in functioning as a member of a team.

Defining attributes of the concept of pain in nursing
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