The impact of brand personality on

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Impact of Brand Image and Brand Personality on Brand Equity: A study on Denizen by Levis

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brand personality

Procedia - Beak and Behavioral Sciences,pp. Plastic Quality and Preference, 35, pp. Granite Quality and Preference, 31, pp. Burden Saddle River, N. Shank and Langmeyer 14 stated that most personality research in marketing focuses on the impact of personality on product usage, decision process, brand loyalty, innovative buying behaviour and responsiveness to advertising rather than brand personality per se.

The Impact of Brand Personality on Brand-Aroused Feelings Dr Karen Miller School of Management and Marketing, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD, Email: [email protected] edu. au Brand managers are increasingly using brand personality to differentiate and uniquely position their brand without really knowing its effects.

This study begins to addresses this gap by examining the. Brand personality can even explain how consumer-brand relationships impact consumer behavior.

“Personality is an appropriate metaphor for brands based on the idea that a consumer attraction towards brands having personality similar to his personality”. Brand personality is a useful concept to describe different perceptions of nations as tourism destinations.

A Brand’s Personality & Influence on Consumer Behavior

• A consumer's brand self-congruity mediates the relationship between. This research assesses the relative impact of a long-term brand management instrument (brand personality) and a short-term marketing mix instrument (sales promotions) on brand equity formation.

In this paper, an integrated model was established through the inclusion of brand familiarity, brand image, brand personality.

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The study finds that brand experience could be positively associated with relational benefit indirectly and that brand familiarity, brand image and brand personality could serve as mediators between them.

The impact of brand personality on
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